Junk Removal in Amherst

Minimum 1 or 2 items                                 $100

Pick up truck load                                       $200

1/2 Junk truck 10 cubic yards                      $350

Full Junk truck 15 cubic yards                      $600

Full Junk truck & 1/2 trailer 20 cubic yards  $800

Full Junk truck & full trailer 30 cubic yards   $1000

2 men & dumpster                                       $1600

1 cubic yard = 3' x 3' x 3' = a cube that is 3L x 3H x 3W

Price may very for heavy items such as concrete, bricks or construction debris. Price may vary and is only updated on website annually. 

Price includes labor & disposal. 

Certain items are extras to dispose of. Extras are $50 each. 




Box springs 

Sleeper sofa 



White good (product with frion)

Paint & chemicals (price per dozen cans)

Waste oil 

Junk removal in Amherst

Junk removal business

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